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The Importance of Data Security

Data security is the collection of best practices, strategies and techniques to reduce the possibility of a breach.

A lack of data security can result in a significant cost. It can cost a company money and reputational damage. It could also require time and resources to discover the cause of the breach and recover.

Cybercriminals may use the information that you save to obtain personal information of your customers, or expose confidential business records, or corrupt data. They can also extort money by encrypting files and requesting ransom money to restore access. This can cripple your ability to provide services and lead to legal action and loss of revenue.

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In addition to the obvious financial and business impacts, a data breach can be costly in terms of penalties for regulatory violations. Financial firms, for instance, may be subjected to regulations and laws such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

If your data is stored in a database or in use it is crucial to have strong data security measures in place. This can include access control, which gives only those users who need it the right level of access privileges, as in addition to authentication get more and encryption to assure that the person is who they claim to be. It is vital to have a secure backup copy of your data that can be used in the event of a system failure. It is critical to have systems in place to remove unused and obsolete data regularly.

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