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Board of Directors Vs Advisory Board

The difference between the board of this post directors and an advisory board is often misunderstood, particularly when the people involved aren’t well-informed about the matter. The confusion can be due to common terminology (both boards are referred to “the board”) and an absence of clear information regarding the function of an advisory board in the corporate rules or bylaws as well as a difference in fiduciary responsibilities.

A board of director is the governing body for an organisation. It is able to make major decisions such as the replacement of the CEO, or changes in the executive management. They can also hold management accountable for its actions. Board members have an obligation of fiduciary to the company and can be held legally responsible for their actions if they do not meet the requirements of this standard.

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Advisory boards, on other hand, offer advice to businesses and their leadership. They may also recommend specific changes or initiatives, but ultimately it’s the business’s decision to decide if they want to follow the advice of the advisory board.

Typically, an advisory board will comprise of knowledgeable third parties who bring with them a breadth of experience and connections to industry. The members who play an advisory role can assist the company in keeping abreast of the latest trends and provide suggestions that can help the company expand. It could be as easy as streamlining customer service according to recent buying behavior or as complicated as establishing a new strategy for global growth.

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